12.08.11 PGOLD


8 thoughts on “12.08.11 PGOLD

  1. Hi milly

    I usually buy on breakout.

    In momentum trading, you don’t buy the price,you are buying the momentum. Dapat first day pa lang ng breakout nakasakay ka na. Or open ng 2nd day. Pero pag malaki ang gap up 2nd day, wag na i-chase.

    On retracement – If the stock is too fast on breakout(1st day), I wait for intraday retracements then will do the catch up.

    But if the stock turns red on 2nd day, that’s not a retracement, that’s a failed breakout.

  2. Getting out: you can use T+3, or use trail stop if you want. or take profit when it’s already nearing resistance.

    Stock screening: First, I have to select only stocks with at least 5M traded value. Then I will check their risk reward and flag the ones which are nearing breakout,breakdown, near supports and resistance.
    Pag may naumpisahan ka na,di mo na kailangan araw arawin.
    Excel formulas will make them automatic. 🙂

  3. thanks boss. may ‘siomai notes’ na ako sa notebook ko hehehe.
    what is t+3?
    yung excel formula, yun po ba yung sa battle plan?
    yung sa trail stop, iba iba po ang nababasa ko….kapag daw po uptrend, yung 20d low? meron naman ang sabi yung low ng previous day? ano po talaga ang dapat?
    thanks sa replies….great help!

    • yes.d ba pag 1st day pa lang dapat nakapasok ka na? pag malakas pa rin sa 2nd day.hintay kami. usually pag 3rd day profit taking na yan.

      Risk = (Entry price or EP – Support)/ EP
      Reward = Resistance – EP / EP

      sent you an email 😉

  4. Hi.. I like your blog but have difficulty reading kasi masyadong madilim…. you may want to lighten up your background for easy reading…. thanks

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