12.12.11 HLCM LC

PGOLD – Took profit at 17.30. I don’t like to see that gap. Also, PGOLD deserves a correction.

DMC – Failed breakout. It still not that strong to break SMA100 and RSI60.

CMT – testing support at 1.40

COL – indecision. doji


MEG – heavy selling. Breakdown from H&S with volume confirmation. AVOID!

LR & BEL – Profit taking.

LC – I have two fears on this stock. 1.Fear of lossing 2.Fear of missing. Take at look at both charts

~1. Bullish scenario

~2. Bearish scenario

Now, you decide!


I just followed the saying, “In case of doubt, sell half” so I sold mine at 1.70. In case it will go down, I already secured the first half by selling them today. In case it will go up, I will still have gains from my remaining half.

HLCM – newbies caveat! this is a basura stock.

Please check the basura expert’s blog to see the breakout point and his TP.


This is my reading on HLCM. Bought only a sugal position (test buy)



Asian stocks dives at late trading. As of writing, Europe is down by at least 1.5% except for footsie(.5%). Watch out for global sentiments. Set your stops and stay in defensive position.


Btw, thanks to tyrone of PSEAnalysis.com for redirecting his followers on my blog. 😉



3 thoughts on “12.12.11 HLCM LC

  1. No worries master siomai. Traders need someone with good grasp on the market like you.

    Btw, I noticed the H&S breakdown on MEG as well. I might post chart on it. 🙂

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