12.13.11 DMC FPH LPZ


DMC is forming a bullish ascending triangle and MACD already gave the buy signal.
If the price breaks 40, expect the RSI to follow and break RSI50.
Of course, we need a huge volume to support the breakout.
Speculation alert! Caveat!

Some FA in DMC:

FM’s Forecasted Income: 10B

DMCI’s Net Contributions broken down in 5 Core businesses:

Target price of Fmetro: 48.50

Watch the youtube presentation here


LPZ on simple moving average(SMA)

– above all 3 SMAs used by Firstmetro (SMA20-50-100)

– above SMA32-65 but below SMA130, this is used by COL.



2 thoughts on “12.13.11 DMC FPH LPZ

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