12.13.11 Gold – Lolo’s, Lopez’, MER & Properties

Later I will post charts. Sorry, I am just in different time zone and still in office. For the meantime, try to look at this.


Are Lolo’s stock getting ready for the breakout?

What’s with the Lopez’ stocks? They’ve been showing strength lately. In contrary, Properties have been always in red.

Summary of today’s candles.



GOLD – Where do you think it is heading?




2 thoughts on “12.13.11 Gold – Lolo’s, Lopez’, MER & Properties

  1. on gold— thats not a head n shoulder. Consolidation symmetrical triangle lang.Even if it hits 1600 (50 bucks below current prices)— up trend pa rin. Such is the bullish medium/long term nature of the chart. Btw ang ganda ng candle sticks summary mo siomao 😀

    Ganda ng visuals 🙂 keep it up


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