12.14.11 CEB

Summary of candlesticks

Lopez – ayaw paawat?

NI – reversal?

CEB SMDC – Searching for new bottom

DMC – sandwiched between sma50(support) & sma100(resistance). cut loss me T_T




I’ve been tracking CEB lately and waiting for reversal before I enter. So far, this is what I got:

As of today,RSI is already at 17.20 or the 2nd lowest RSI since listing.The lowest RSI is at 15.31.

Based on chart above, should we wait for 58 to see the 14% drop from its previous low?


This is the brokers activity for today. Look who’s dumping.

Distribution to public?



Lastly, this is my present to CEB holders since christmas is very near.

This is the detailed breakdown of buybacks on CEB. Now, I wonder if they are not yet done buying back their shares.

I know you’ll understand this πŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “12.14.11 CEB

  1. Hi Sir Siomai,

    Thanks for the detailed analysis you’re giving for CEB. This is an information gold mine esp for those like me who don’t know how to perform technical analysis on stocks.

    Sir question lang dun sa last info na binigay niyo about buybacks? I’m still a noob and mejo di ko straightforward nagets yung ibig niyo sabihin.

    If a company buybacks their stock it means good dba? It means na tiwala sila sa stock nila?


  2. Thanks zeefreaks. Congrats sa AAA fully charged battery mo!

    @Det7, CEB has been buying their own shares lately at 70. Yes you are correct, that’s a good indicator. They believe that their shares is a “good buy” at 70.

    From investopedia
    -A program by which a company buys back its own shares from the marketplace, reducing the number of outstanding shares.

    -Share repurchase is usually an indication that the company’s management thinks the shares are undervalued.

    -Because a share repurchase reduces the number of shares outstanding (i.e. supply), it increases earnings per share(EPS) and tends to elevate the market value of the remaining shares.

    -It’s like saying “We find no better investment than our own company.”

    Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/sharerepurchase.asp#ixzz1gWQClR5P

    • Hi Sir spicysiomai,

      Thanks. It’s a nice Christmas gift nga to CEB stockholders hahaha.

      Sir question lang, saang info niyo nakukuha yung “brokers activity” for today.. publicly available ba yang mga ganyan?


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