SMDC CEB MEG – still battered

LR BEL – profit taking

Lopez stocks – all in green zone

Lolo’s & Mining – Bounced from yesterday selloff

JAP stocks – Continuation on Monday?

GLO TEL – still strong

DMC  MPI – Top 2 index gainers

NI – cup with handle

PGOLD – updated TA (highest close since IPO)

Click here to see PGOLDs FA


AGI – SMA50 as support?

DMC – will break 39?


GLO – ready to break 1k?

MBT – should break this downtrend line

7 thoughts on “12.16.11 NI PGOLD MPI AGI DMC GLO MBT

  1. ok thanks sir! what would be the next target price for pgold.
    if you’re holding an issue for months, how would you know if you have to exit already? what are the indicators that one should look for?


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