Globe made the highest return (YOY) after benefiting from the TEL-DGTL merger which created a duopoly between TEL and GLO.

URC together with its parent JGS gained 35% after URC was included in the MSCI index.

Another Gokongwei company, Cebu Pacific suffered the most after incurring a loss on 3rd quarter because of high jet fuel cost.

SMC fell to 37% YOY due to investors’ disappointment on its 2PO despite it was included in MSCI and PSEi.

Notice that most of the index losers came from properties and banking sector.


Most of the gainers came from mining sector, speculative backdoor plays and some jockeyed stocks.



Review on last post:

PGOLD made some bearish confirmations like bearish divergence, MACD sell signal and RSI sell signal.

SMDC – closed at its low

FLI – having trouble on its support-turned-resistance


This is the reason why I made a test buy on ICT this morning.

Confirmation of the uptrend will be next week/year.


Happy new year. Hope you also made a good profit this year.


7 thoughts on “12.29.11 YEAR END REPORT

  1. hi thanks for this info.
    when you say test buy, how many shares do you buy? if its going to the direction you wanted it to go, when do you add?
    how mcuch should your cut loss be?
    happy new year!

    • My test buy is about 1/3 or 1/2 of my wanted position for that stock.
      ex. I have 500K on my portfolio. I allocate 20% of my entire portfolio to ICT. so that’s 100K.
      I’ll do test buy at 30k-50k. If the trend goes against me, I’ll cut. No average down. If the there is a confirmation of the uptrend, then I’ll buy more shares worth 50-70k to complete my desired position of 100k.

      My cut loss is 5%. Others cut at 10%. Or you can buy near supports, then cut whenever the price breaks that support.

      btw, visit my friends blog about position sizing explained in simple way.
      PSE Analysis

      Happy new year!

  2. thanks!
    how do you know when to get out. for example, i have ni at 3.36. when do i get out? considering its still on an uptrend?

    • Possible reasons why you need to get out:
      1. Fundamentally weak (if long term)
      2. Technically overbought
      3. You’re already happy with the profit
      4. Risk is already greater than the reward

      btw, are you the same milly before, ma’am?

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