01.02.12 NI DMC PSEi Dow

NI started the year with a bang!!!

With 6.66M shares on unserved bids, I’m 90% sure that this will have a continuation tomorrow. It might also touch 5 on its intraday high.

Last year/month, we speculated of the possible cup with handle scenario on NI.
check it here

Now, NI made a breakout confirmation on Cup with handle and set a new support at 4.50


I’m just wondering why COLboys are selling while big boys like CSuisse and
Deutsche are buying.

Try to compare the willing buyers vs sellers at close.

DMC closed strongly today with 2.66% gain,

DMCI Holdings, Inc. expects to end 2011 with profits growing by a fifth, while the company is projecting a significant growth for 2012 as its power facility’s rehabilitation is set to be finished this year, an official has said. – Businessworld Jan 2, 2012

Watchout for possible breakout at 4,400 levels of our PSEi.
DJIA is also poised for a breakout.


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