1.7.12 NFB on Index Stocks

I think most of you made a good profit this week. Whether it’s an index stock, 2nd liner or basura, I’m sure you started the year with a bang!

20 days ago, we’ve followed the consecutive upgrades of TEL from Fitch, S&P and MSCI. Morgan also set the PLDT’s TP at 3000 and PSEi to possibly hit 5000. Read the previous article here.

With the recent price action, PSEi almost challenged the all time high at 4,563.

I noticed that most of the leaders came from index stocks. So I decided to extract the foreign activities together with their corresponding % gain for the week ended January 6, 2012.

Presented below are the stocks that have NFB of more than 50M. NFB/NFS amounts are in Millions.



TEL’s foreign buying was at least 100M per day.
TEL’s NFB is bigger than NFB of DMC, AC & BDO combined
TEL’s NFB is also bigger than NFB from AGI to SCC combined.

Top 3 foreign buys made a decent gain of at least 4% in just a week.

AC – gained 9.58%, is this because of the PPP?

LCB Β – 5 consecutive days of NFB. Gained 8.94% and made the highest close ever at 1.95. This will be the apple of the eye of traders on Monday.



Index weight – Faceless Trader’s Blog

NFB/NFS – StockmarketPilipinas (Thanks to Silime’s CSV posts)




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