1.17.12 PX LC MA – The Trinity




Others are asking what’s with MA. Some say that initial drilling result is coming out, some say MVP is getting to ready to acquire another stake in MA. Whatever it is…Price action tells something is brewing. As for me, I just followed what they usually say… “Buy now, ask later.”




For 3months, it has been bouncing inside a downtrend channel. However, the 2 year uptrend line serves as a major support. In a few days, PX will make a big move, either big upside or a breakdown. With improving market sentiment, I am bias on the upside. Caveat.




8 thoughts on “1.17.12 PX LC MA – The Trinity

  1. Btw, I just want to share something about LC as well.. I got this from “Pepito Manaloto” in Facebook:

    LC – Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company “A”
    January 18, 2012

    LC has attempted to penetrate the 1.80 barrier for the third time but now finds itself back at support of 1.67, is it a buy? Will LC go up tomorrow or breakdown?

    Before considering buying LC, you may want to take a look at LCB which closed 2 points lower from its support at 1.88 after a false breakout somewhere above 2 peso levels. If LC continues to go lower, a good support can be 1.50 to 1.52~

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