PX – Philex Mining

Last 2 days, I mentioned that “In a few days, PX will make a big move, either big upside or a breakdown. With improving market sentiment, I am bias on the upside.” Click here

This morning, PX made its breakout supported by huge volume. Check the previous chart here and compare to its updated chart.


ORE – weekly


Though I am not 100% sure that this is a cup with handle, I still strongly believe that this will go above 5 with the MACD giving a buy signal,  volume supports the last 2 long bullish candlesticks and RSI has more room for upside.


You may also want to check its OBV to see the accumulation of ORE shares.

Ni Hao Mining holds 38,500,000 shares of ORE purchased from the proceeds of private placement of JAP last year.

Sorry but I can’t find the price per share of that 10M shares. I assume they have this shares before 2011.


If you take out that 10M shares, the average price of 28.5M shares purchased on 2011 was 5.13.



HLCM – Daily


Flag breakout & Fibonacci


GERI – weekly


It would be better if GERI will close near 2.40s tomorrow with a strong volume. This will give us a MACD buy signal(crossover) and RSI pointing upward.







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