1.31.12 Month End! Benchmarking


A standard against which the performance of a security, mutual fund or investment manager can be measured. Generally, broad market and market-segment stock and bond indexes are used for this purpose.

When evaluating the performance of any investment, it’s important to compare it against an appropriate benchmark.



PSEI UP by 7.1% YTD

  • 12.29.2011 – 4,371.96
  • 01.31.2012 – 4,682.44

Index Stocks YTD Gain


So, how’s your portfolio? Are you outperforming the index?

I bet most of you now have double digit gains in terms of percentage…


…especially, if you have traded these stocks:


Top gainers for the month ended January 2012


7 thoughts on “1.31.12 Month End! Benchmarking

  1. This data is very encouraging. However, I did not seem to outperform the index and have only one digit percentage gains. I either get in too late or sell too early. Any tips on how I can get my portfolio together? Is it too late to buy NI, Pgold, MBT, BPI, MA, LC, PX? or am I targetting the wrong stocks. Any suggestions will help a lot. Thanks.

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