2.02.12 TA APC ICT AEV

For those who want to meet fellow traders: (newbies are welcome)

  • Shangri-la Plaza Mall- KROKODILE GRILLE Ground Level, Streetscape, Shangri-la Plaza Mall Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA Mandaluyong
  • 630 pm
  • FEBRUARY 3,2012 – Friday
  • Contact Person: PM scud, incognito or korrection of financemanila/dstraders.net

Di po ako makakasama jan, wala po ako sa Pilipinas




nearing breakout



watch for breakout!



will it create a new high?



breakout after long consolidation


There’s one post prior to this entitled “Case Study – TEL dividends”. Ginawa ko yun kasi minsan nasabi ko sa kanila na if you have 3M, you can earn >20k a month sa dividends pa lang. That’s for risk-averse, passive long-term investors. For those who are interested, just PM me in financemanila or dstraders.net so that I can give you the password. Don’t worry, that’s FREE!





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