2.04.12 Wild bourses!

YTD performance of major indexes of the world as grouped according to their region.


Among Emerging Markets (EM) of Asia, PSEi has the 3rd biggest YTD gain after India’s sensex & Taiwan and highest among the TIP.

Notice that Germany’s DAX has the biggest YTD and other bourses from Developed Markets (DM) like HSI, SG, and Nasdaq have at least 10% YTD gains.

Of course there will be bumps ahead but I still remain bullish after seeing the weekly charts of some major indexes of the world.


FTSE – London


DAX – Germany


Nikkei – Japan


HSI – Hong Kong


PSEi – Philippines




52EMA – Unlike commonly practiced 50MA, I prefer to use 52 weeks simply because a year is composed of 52weeks. I also used Exponential Moving Average (EMA) over Simple Moving Average(SMA) because EMA gives more weight
on the price of recent weeks whereas in SMA, all is equal.




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