2.21.12 OPM PHES EEI _what is P/E? EPS? (videos)

As of writing, Dow is flirting with 13,000 psychological level while Gold is up by 1.68% and Black Gold(oil) is flying with 3.43% gain and now at $106.16 per barrel. Can we see another run for oil stocks tomorrow?


OPM – an oil stock

  • Notice the last three candles and their volumes. Today marks the biggest volume in more than 10 years and OPM,in very rare circumstances, made it to the most active list. With a traded value of 167M, only an immaterial value of 15.8M were crossed. Top buyers were Wealth & Tower.
  • Unserved bids of 481.8M shares at close (buy side)
  • MACD is very bullish with RSI now sailing above 70 level.



PHES – breakout!

  • Pennant pattern breakout supported by huge volume
  • MACD is about to cross
  • RSI bounced at 60 level
  • Unserved bids of 17.33M shares on buy side


EEI – flag pattern breakout!

  • breakout with good volume
  • MACD pointing up
  • RSI bounced at 60
  • At a price of 5.42 and its Earnings per share(EPS) of 0.76, Price per earnings ration (PER or  P/E) = 7.13 only, in comparison, PSEi’s P/E is now  at 17+ and properties at 21+ see videos below to understand what are P/E & EPS



Price-Earnings Ratio – PER or P/E


Earnings per share – EPS


Don’t forget to read facelesstrader’sUncovering the accumulated stocks


GEO – .95 should hold. avoid if breakdown

LC/LCB – wait for a significant volume

FDC – avoid. MACD sell signal. Failed pennant. RSI 70 breakdown

ALI – twizzer tops?

PCOR & EDC – avoid. bearish flag/pennant pattern

VLL – 3 white soldiers



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