AT – all signals go?

Long green candle, Good volume, macd buy signal and rsi at 60s


Most of the JAP’s stocks are In consolidation and they are trading at very minimal volume this week – a continuation or a breakdown is about to happen

Make or break!

NI’s volume is declining and the price rests at the uptrend line support with another psychological support at 10. RSI previously bounced at 57 and is now lying at that level.



DIZ is doing a pennant pattern and volume on red(black) candles are very low which is a good recipe for a breakout(down? :/ )


AGP bounced at psychological support of 50 this morning and the last 3 red(black) candesticks registered a minimal volume. RSI is also now lying at level where it previously bounced.


ORE – see the volume and match it with the price action. 5 is the psychological support for ORE and you will also notice that RSI make big moves when it touches 45-50 level.


GEO – for the last 3 days, GEO has been closing at .89. The candlestick today is a doji, an indecision pattern, a nice base for a u-turn or another continuation downward. Check the RSI 😉


LIHC – am not sure if this is a jap stock but other gurus say so.. LIHC is now near a psychological support of 1.0. Volume is just minimal on declines and RSI is about to bounce or break at 50.


Check AAAs Chart on zeefreaks blog


and the story behind the price action



One thought on “2.29.12 AT NI DIZ AGP ORE GEO LIHC AAA

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