3.04.12 GEO GMA7 AAA PNX

GEO – bullish reversal

GEO made a bullish reversal candlestick pattern and confirmed that on Friday. It also touched 20-day Simple Moving Average (SMA20) and made a u-turn. RSI bounced at the same levels.
Initial Resistance set at 1 and support at 0.89. Check the previous post about jap stocks here.
Facelesstrader’s detailed anaylsis on GEO: Click here

GMA7 – Bullish ascending triangle

After 2 unsuccessful attempts to close above 10, GMA7 closed last Friday right at that psychological resistance. MACD & histogram show some hint that a breakout is near and we know that ascending triangles are bias on the upside. RSI bounced and now pointing upwards, good thing is that RSI is not yet at oversold level. A breakout above 10 with volume is a nice entry
for a momentum & speculation play.

News article – “GMA open to right bidder” – March 4, 2012

AAA – Momentum Play

MACD already gave a buy signal and the price finally closed at 52-week high of 6 with good volume.
New support is now set at 6.

These are high risk stocks, so take extra caution if you are  a noob.

PNX – medium term play

Annual Stockholders’ Meeting or ASM is on March 8, Thursday. 50% stock
dividend was already approved. I am expecting that they will announce the
ex-date on their ASM. A close above 13 will trigger the momentum of this

weekly chart

Blue chips:

TEL – ascending triangle. support at 2820. ASM on March 6.
GLO – swing trade. buy near 1150, sell near 1250
AC – Momentum builds up. MACD buy signal. Safe to enter near SMA20
PX – ex-dividend date on March 12
AP/AEV – ex-dividend date on March 13

Jap stocks – reversal? review the previously posted charts here


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