Sorry for not updating the blog for 2 Days. It’s because my top pick is still ORE.

Since yesterday, we’ve seen the volatility among JAP stocks, specially the roller coaster ride on DIZ. However, ORE showed some strength even other JAP stock are moving wildly. Today, MACD buy signal finally appeared in this stock and made the highest close ever at 6.16. I’m still confident that this stock will go up in some weeks. See previous chart here.

PNX – watchout for the disclosure tomorrow as they just held the ASM this afternoon. Chart here.


For risk-averse people and trend followers, they might just hold this stock as long as it doesn’t break the 20-day simple moving average. Price pattern is now forming another flag as volume consolidates and RSI always bounce near that level as shown below. Momentum traders are just waiting for a breakout for them to enter this blue chip stock.



OV – make or break

Price pattern is now forming a bullish ascending triangle but MACD now gives a warning and nearing sell signal.

avoid if breakdown, buy if breakout.



Ex-date March 20, 2012 | Cash dividend of 4.1/share + 51% equity in rockwell. (You can buy until March 19 to get the dividends)

MACD buy signal.


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