3.13.12 NI FDC MAB & Nickel Miners YTD perf

NI – Symmetrical Triangle (pennant)

Though others may argue that NI forms an ascending triangle, whether it is ascending or symmetrical, what is important is that NI has been forming higher lows since it retraced to 10 level. Another bullish sign is that MACD’s histogram also shows a higher low and RSI is bouncing at that level. Volume is also in consolidation which is a good recipe for another breakout. MACD will do a crossover once the price cross above 12 level.

FDC – speculation play

FDC said its board approved the P6.6 billion initial public offering (IPO)
of its flagship-banking subsidiary, East West Banking Corp.(EWB)

JGS made a good run prior to the listing of its subsidiary, CEB. Some
traders are speculating that FDC will somehow mimic the moves of JGS.

Technically, FDC’s MACD is about to make a crossover and if you notice,
volume now is picking up.


MAB – should break 0.085



The Nickel Miners – YTD performance

Congratulations to ORE holders 😉


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