3.18.12 YTD of Indexes; MER OV LC

Year to date – Major indexes of the world

Individual stocks that outperform the index (PSEi)


Are you overtrading yet underperforming? Do you think it would have been better if you have just held on to those stocks?



March 20 events

1. MER – Ex-date for cash & property dividend of Meralco.

Read shinken takeda’s analysis on MER property dividends here

2. OV – “March 20 start production again for Galoc after few months of repair” – Miner of Financemanila

Note that Galoc’s production accounted for about 96% of revenues of OV in 2010. -FMSec Research Report

3. LC – deadline for GF for their option to acquire the 60% stake of FSE.

Check their discussion here. LC chart below:


Watch DIZ, NI, ORE, PHES, MPI,URC, & others if they will make new highs. Select stocks which are strong during uptrend. Pero halos naman ngayon nagtataasan. Just remember to place your stops 😉





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