5.05 The Favorites – ORE NI MARC PHES OV MAKE

ORE – daily

ORE suffered heavy selling for the past 2 days. I would enter below 6.50 or near 6. This would send the RSI at oversold level or below 30s. However, do not enter until the selling momentum subsides. This is just a bounce play. Buy below 6.50 or lower as possible and sell it quickly near 7.


ORE weekly – MACD is heading for a bearish crossover


NI daily

same drill like ORE. Buy below or near 10 where RSI will enter the oversold zone. Sell near 11 at bounce.


NI weekly



Buy below or near 3. Pakiramdaman lang to. Wag muna pasok kung malakas ang selling.




OV– make or break

SMA20 = 20-day simple moving average



MAKE  – bullish


Company loyalty? Yes you may be loyal to the company, but is the company loyal to you?

You know that traders shouldn’t trade with their emotions, but most of them are already falling in love with jap stock and other high flyer stocks.

Know when to cut loss.. set your stops and cut loss quickly.


Caveat! Trade at your own risk!


PD: I don’t have any stocks mentioned above.


2 thoughts on “5.05 The Favorites – ORE NI MARC PHES OV MAKE

    • no more ore..sold it >7.90-8.xx
      im willing to buy back lower. I posted in FM that Im disappointed on ORE’s result for 2011. Now, im on a wait and see kung may next batch of selling pa ang NI ng ORE shares. Last friday NI sold 3.2M of their 75M shares.

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