7.08.12 EO EO EO EO EO

Finally, mining EO has been signed and set for release on Monday. We’ve already seen the price action on Lolo stocks last Friday and might expect another continuation this morning.

Mining index’ chart : click here

For those who still don’t have mining stocks, just be careful on chasing the train especially if it will open with huge gap.

Missed it? Review the previously posted chart here

PD: I bought LCB instead of LC thinking that if both stocks will visit
their previous highs, I think

Did you miss the following?
TEL, PGOLD, LC, MA – check previous charts here
DMC, GLO – check previous charts here (for blue holders)

JAP stocks
NI (check previous post) – I assume you’ve already heard the rumour that
there will shipment very soon.
LIHC – after rounding bottom, the stock is now forming a flag pattern
DIZ – still on a rounding bottom formation
GEO – the most laggard among JAP stocks, I think it’s now a good time to
position on this stock.
ABG – set your stops

– ORE invest $10 million into metal processing plant
Read between the lines

Click this: latest chart by newtoys, previous chart


One thought on “7.08.12 EO EO EO EO EO

  1. Hi.. how long do you think will the stocks be down? Should we cut loss on our mining stocks… LC,LCB, MA, MAB etc? Thanks.

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