9.30.12 Foreign Buying/Selling for the month of September

Para po sa mga nagtatanong kung bakit bihira ko na lang i-update ang blog ko…
Ako po ay galing sa mahigit 1 buwang bakasyon sa Pilipinas at ngayon ay busy naman sa annual budgeting sa trabaho.
Pero sinisikap ko pa rin mag update kahit pano 🙂



Since my FMSEC’s chart is not working, ito muna ang mase-share ko

Casino Stocks’ Week 1-4 of September Net Foreign Buying(Selling)


AGI’s rise to its current level was heavily supported by Php 3-Billion net foreign buying(NFB), actually the biggest NFB of all stocks listed, from week1 to week4 of September.

Vertical bars are NFB/NFS, not volume.

Bloom, on the other hand, gradually shifted from net foreign selling(NFS) to NFB on 4th week of September. Notice that most of the foreign buying came from Sept 25-27, which touched the high of 11.70. Profit taking on Sept 28,which created a doji candle, was only supported by low volume.


Despite the rise of the casino stocks, mining stocks, esp. the trio PX-LCB-MAB suffered from net foreign selling.


Here are some stocks that have notable foreign activities.


TOP 20 stocks that have highest Net Foreign Buying


TOP 20 stocks that have biggest Net Foreign Selling


You can see other stocks’ NFB/NFS for the month of September by downloading the excel file below.

Please click this LINK.


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