11.06.12 UBP MA VITA MEG



Posted from Surfer & Mr.Banker’s thread in Financemanila

“From foreign broker PEP:  “Note that of the listed banks, UBP offers the best
yield. We’re looking at 2013E DPS of Php3.5/sh, yield of 2.8% per last
closing (Php107/sh).

We have a Buy rating and PO of Php132.5/sh.”


You can check PSE website on AEV’s recent disclosures on their accumulation of UBP shares.


Weekly chart of UBP.. It would be better if it would close on a long green candle come Friday. MACD buy signal.



Bullish Inverse Head and shoulder pattern?



As they say “Buy on rumor,sell on news”. It still a puzzle as to who is this white knight that would save VITA.

Chart shows it may go on either side. Caveat.


MEG – new 52-week high… see chart here



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