About Me

Hi! I am siomai of Financemanila.net, a newbie trader. I’ve been trading in PSE since October 2010. Thanks for visiting my site. I created this blog to keep tracks of my trades and just to have a database of my analyses and POVs.

I use Fundamental Analysis for my medium to long term plays. I am not believer of beta, hence not a fan of DCF. I’m more on understanding the business, its core business and its operation.

On short term plays, I’m just using simple basic TAs on my trade and it works for me. In order of priority:

  1. Price patterns
  2. Volume
  3. MACD
  4. RSI

Sometimes I use SMAs, Fibonacci, Stochastics & candlestick patterns but not as regular as those 4.

I sincerely thank Ms.Newtoys of financemanila.net who taught me some of her secrets in trading. Of course, as promised, I won’t tell that to anyone.

Oh btw, I like to crack numbers and really love formulas but…  I hate grammar. Haha! So please, forgive me about that.

See you around 😉


25 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks ed & ianirvintan!

      We’re still finalizing it. Baka may idadagdag pa kami other techniques at para mareview na rin namin. I hope we can finish this before end of the week 😉

  1. sir siomai,

    I send an email to you.
    I would like to access your info/tutorials.
    Newbie lng rin po ako and I really want to have
    knowledge on TA.

    Thank you very much and more power.

  2. hi spicy pinaka newspaper ko ang blog mo everyday, kaya pag d ako naka trade at madami pinuntahan ung blog mo agd kinukunsulta ko kng anung kaganapan at state ng stock market mga maiinit at eye of the day. pwd mahingi fbook page mo at mag friend tayu dun/tnx.anu pla name mo sa finance??ikaw b si Miner??

  3. TA is technical analysis…
    sa financemanila, my username is siomai and not miner
    miner is an insider, ako sa technical analysis lang..and sometimes FA

    binasa ko history ng mga posts mo at mukhang may alam ka na sa TA 🙂

  4. hi sir siomai,

    I’m really interested in your tutorials.. i would like to learn detailed technical analysis. I’ve been using Volume, MACD, RSI as my main tools.. am mainly fundamental analysis guy but added knowledge on charting would help..

    hope to hear from you.


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